Gold Leaf Strain Review Pt 1

I recently began growing Bergman’s Gold Leaf strain for ILGM. Before I go into details I want to say that it’s been very fun and relaxed strain to work to with. I am now transitioning my plants into the flowering stage and they have responded very well so far. I am about 2 months into my grow and this is what my plants look like so far. They are in good health and are growing leaves and showing the beginning signs of entering the flowering stage.

Plant’s Are Doing Pretty Good Pre-Flower!!

I started with coco coir and I am feeding with the ILGM nutrient line which is currently sold out at the moment. The plant has shown very few signs of burn or lockout. At times I have had a few hiccups with trying to get used to the ILGM feeding schedule. At some point they have experience a little too much feeding and watering, but recovered nicely. I FIM them at the 5th node and removed the bottom 2 nodes with other leaves that were not receiving light and were dying off.

You can still find Fem seeds auto’s and Kits on our main page at:

These are some really great seeds with great genetics, much better than what you be able to accomplish with your average bag seed. I am definitely going to order some different strains and branch out since I still have a lot of these seeds left. Keep checking in for updates and different reviews. I will continue to post images as my little gold leaf’s begin to mature.

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