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Auto Flower

CBD Kush Autoflower: High CBD Low THC, Helps With Headaches And Gives A Feel Of Euphoria.
Auto Flower Mix Pack:
Bubble Gum Auto
Jack Herer Auto
OG Kush Auto
Girl Scout Cookie Extreme Autoflower: Good yield, gives you a happy feel and smells great.
White Widow Autoflower: Helps With ADD,ADHD And PTSD. One Of The Most Popular Strains
Gorilla Glue Autoflower : Easy to Grow And Gives A Calm And Relax feel. Helps With Stress, Insomnia And Makes You Happy.
Gold Leaf Autoflower: Easy To Grow, High Yield, Helps With Depression, Helps you Eat and is A Good Pain Reliever.
Lowryder AutoFlower: Medium Level THC , Built For Everyday Use And Helps With Bipolar Disorder.

Beginner Grow Sets

Medical Kit: Harlequin Fem Seeds Fertilizer And Protector
High Yield Kit: Big Bud Fem Seeds, Protectors And Nutrients.
Beginner Kit:
Great Kit For Your first Few Grows
White Widow, Nutrients and Plant Protector

Seed Mix Packs

Autoflower Mix:
Amnesia Haze Auto
Blueberry Auto
Northern Lights Auto

Heavy Hitters Mix Pack:
Gorilla Glue
Blue Dream
MK Ultra
Mix Pack Of Beginner Seeds:
White Widow
Bubble Gum